As device may move between vehicles it is considered Best Practice to give the next vehicle a "clean slate". 

This is known as Unplugging a device. This will make the records from the old vehicle Historic which can still be accessed and reported on as needed. 

Note: It is advised to when a device is to be reinstalled in a vehicle that you or the install contact us on 1300 653 395 opt 1 opt 2 for us to make sure the device is configured correctly for the next active vehicle. 

The following is a Guild on how to make a device a spare. 

Click on Vehicles 


Using the Vehicle Search tool you can search for Licence Plate Number,  Device number or Description 

Click on the Vehicle that needs to be made historic or edited 

Once in Vehicle Edit click +More Details

This will show the option to Unplug Device be sure to note or copy the serial number of the device to be able to add it back in later. 

A Serial Number will begin with G followed by 11 other characters. Double clicking on the Serial Number will allow you to copy it. 

Once a device is unplugged you will return to the Vehicles page with the last search entry. 

From here Click Add > Add Vehicle


On the Add Vehicle page enter the Serial Number and a Description. and be sure to Click OK

This will take you to the new Vehicle record for the unit. 

From here you can go to Groups to add the Test group to remove it from Fleet group reporting. 

This Completes the process for us to later update the vehicle when a QA is called in.